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Oto jeden z rodzajów listów jakie być może przyjdzie Wam napisać na maturze:



Letter of complaint
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Zwrot rozpoczynający:
Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Mr Smith, Mr Smith
Wstęp do listu:
·        I’m writing to complain about...
·        I must express my dissatisfaction with..
Uzasadnienie konieczności napisania listu:
·        (In fact), I have already talked to... about it but                        (unfortunately) nothing has changed/happened.
·        There has been no reply to my previous letter
Podawanie szczegółów:
·        I bought/purchased this last week in your shop...
·        I started attending this course a week ago.
·        I visited your hotel last Saturday...
Opisywanie awarii i/lub uszkodzenia przedmiotu:
·        It suddenly stopped working.
·        The screen went blank.
·        It had two deep cracks on the front.
·        Contrary to the description in the brochure...
Opisywanie wad usługi:
·        The course has not been provided properly.
·        The holiday was too expensive.
·        The hotel room was dirty.
Określanie konsekwencji:
·        It was a very unfortunate event because...
·        In this way it ruined all my plans as...
·        As a result, I was left without...
Zwracanie się z sugestią rozwiązania problemu:
·        In this situation, I’m afraid I must ask you for...
·        I hope/believe this (failure/loss/disappointment..) entitles          me a compensation/refund.
·        Taking into consideration all the (trouble) I                       suffered/experienced< I hope I can expect...
Kończenie wypowiedzi:
·        I hope to hear from you soon.
·        I look forward to hearing from you.
Zwrot kończący:
Yours faithfully
Yours sincerely
Przykładowy list:
Dear Sir/Madam,
 I write to complain about the MP4 player I bought at your shop in Warsaw a week ago. It was a present from my uncle on my seventeenth birthday. I choose the model and the color.
The MP4 player worked perfectly well for the first couple of  days. I could listen to the music, charge it and save music on it. But one  day something has happened. When the battery ran down the MP4 player turned off I cannot turn it on.I tried to recharge the battery, but it did not work. So I decided to borrow another battery from my friend. We replaced them, but again nothing happened. As the MP4 player is still under guarantee I decided to write to you. 
I am afraid I must ask you to check my MP4 player. If you cannot fix it in one week I want a full refund.
 I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully, 
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