Lesson 46: Future time clauses

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Dziś trochę o zdaniach czasowych:




Odpowiedzi do zadań:

  1. Zaznacz poprawne formy czasowników:
  • She will be quite angry when she sees this mess.
  • I will call them after we get back home.
  • Before we get to the station, it will be too late.
  • When I save up enough money, I will buy a new computer.
  • I won’t go to bed until she comes.
  • I promise I will help you when I will finish my own homework.
  1.  Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami w nawiasie:
  • When you startreading this book, you won’t stop until you finish reading it.
  • After I take my last exam, I will go on a trip.
  • I think he will feel much better after he leaves the hospital.
  • I will talk to Sarah before I make the decision.
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