Prefab cells to ease prison overcrowding

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Prefab cells to ease prison overcrowding

BOLT-ON extensions to expand Britain's prisons have been ordered from China to help fulfil Gordon Brown's promise of cells for 8,000 extra inmates. Construction industry sources say that efforts to source the modules from British firms ran into difficulties, forcing the Ministry of Justice to look abroad. The extensions will house hundreds of new Category C inmates at seven prisons, including Whatton prison in Nottinghamshire; Hindley prison in Greater Manchester; Channings Wood jail in Devon and Lindholme prison in South Yorkshire, where planning permission has already been granted. They have steel frames that are then kitted out with wooden interiors and, typically, have two storeys and 5,400 sq ft of space for 60 inmates. They are erected on site by private building contractors. Although described as "temporary", they are expected to have a life of at least 40 years. In all, 30 of the 139 prisons in England and Wales will be extended and the government plans to build two new prisons, both in Merseyside. There are a record 81,000 in Britain's overcrowded jails after sexual and violent offenders began to be given longer sentences under new legislation introduced in 2003. The decision to order the units from China has surprised senior prison service staff. One governor said: "It makes you wonder whether the ministry is trying to increase the number of cells by going cheap and nasty". Officials say the decision to import from the Chinese was made in May under Lord Falconer, who was then justice secretary. Harry Fletcher, assistant general secretary of the probation officers' union Napo, said: "It's an act of sheer desperation to purchase what are effectively Chinese shipping crates. It shows the complete lack of long-term planning in solving the prisons overcrowding crisis".

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1. Construction industry in China is now facing a number of problems. 

2. The cell modules are delivered by private contractors.

3. British jails are overcrowded as a result of certain changes of law.

4.Harry Fletcher thinks that purchasing units from China won't ease the prison overcrowding.


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