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CAE #5 Reading #1 Pins and needles

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Dziś dla Was zadanie z czytania. Z poniższego tekstu usunięto fragmenty, należy dopasować odpowiedzi. Jedna odpowiedź podana jest dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnego miejsca. Odpowiedzi z omówieniem znajdziecie na filmie:

Pins and needles


I was curious to find out more about acupuncture

as I’d heard a lot about its beneficial effects.

However, I didn’t feel in any particular need of

treatment myself so I decided to ask a friend of

mine if I could observe her receiving treatment.




The Traditional Acupuncture Centre was just as

you’d expect: the incense, rubber plants and charts

on the wall. These mapped out the body’s energy

channels. They seem to be the typical wall

coverings of an alternative health centre.



Nina returned and explained that she needed to ask

Joan questions about her health, lifestyle, diet and

personal history. She began by asking why Joan

wanted acupuncture. Joan described the shoulder

stiffness and backache that had bothered her for




Nina then explained that in Chinese medicine,

physical and emotional aspects are not distinct. An

imbalance of either manifests itself in the same

way. The division between mind and body is a

Western idea.



Nina opened a sachet of sterile 4 cm long needles.

They were fine and flexible, but Joan was still

apprehensive. Nina took a pulse at six points on

each of Joan’s wrists, looking for certain ‘qualities’

that she would then treat.



Nina inserted the first needle into Joan’s shin. It

went in a surprisingly long way before she twisted

it to the right and Joan’s leg shot up suddenly. ‘Ow!’

she exclaimed. She was visibly tense, but as Nina

inserted the next needle it wasn’t so bad.



When the time came to remove the needles, Joan

was more relaxed, though she flinched as they came

out. All the time Nina was reassuring her. She

informed Joan that the shocks she felt were due to

blockages of the energy channels.



I asked Joan the next day about how she felt. She

said that she felt a little more relaxed and that she

had slept deeply that night. However, she really felt

that she needed a course of treatment to be able to

assess its effectiveness.



Odopowiedzi do wyboru:



A Nina said that she felt Joan’s problems with her back and her shoulder stiffness

came from her office job. She recommended that Joan do yoga exercises at

work, as this kind of relaxation had many benefits for mind and body.


B Nina finished with a pressure point massage on Joan’s shoulders and back.

‘I’m looking forward to seeing you again,’ Nina said, as she bade a relieved Joan

a fond farewell. Nina left the decision to Joan about arranging another



C Our health apparently depends on the motivating energy, or chi, made up of the

equal and opposite qualities of Yin and Yang. When these are unbalanced, one

can become ill. By inserting needles into points on the energy channels, healing

responses are stimulated and the balance is restored.


D Surprisingly, these questions went on for a whole hour. Joan was asked about

her attitudes to many things, including work and relationships. She was also

asked about her attitude to herself on several occasions.


E Nina Doughty, the acupuncturist, introduced herself and then slipped away to

prepare the treatment room. Joan was anxious. ‘I hope this doesn’t hurt too

much,’ she murmured.


F She also looked at Joan’s tongue, an indicator of her general state of health.

At this point, Joan felt that the experience was rather like being at the dentist.

However, at the dentist one usually knows where the needle will be inserted.


G She placed more needles in Joan’s ankles, feet, lower back and forearms. She

tweaked them as she put them in, regularly checking Joan’s pulse, then left

them for 20 minutes. Joan lay on the bed all this time.


H I asked Joan Hughes, who I knew had been complaining of muscular stiffness

for some time. She agreed, so excitedly we attended her first appointment at the

local centre.

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